Consumers are simplifying their beauty routines and becoming more aware of the beauty industry’s environmental impact, which is powering the focus on clean beauty. Brands are seeing the value in shifting to a more environmentally friendly approach and have begun making real efforts to reduce their ecological footprint. As sustainability initiatives reshape the beauty industry, there is a higher demand for clean beauty products.

What is “clean beauty”?

The term clean beauty can be used to refer to beauty products made with nontoxic ingredients that are not harmful to human health. With the growth in awareness of harmful chemicals, individuals are educating themselves on which ingredients are safe and acceptable to use. This is where clean beauty comes in. Consumers, particularly Gen Z, are looking for brands that are transparent in their ingredient lists and whose products are free from toxins.

Clean ingredients in beauty and personal care products

Even though there is a spectrum to finding clean beauty and personal care products, it’s good to keep in mind some of the characteristics that can be used to identify clean beauty products. These characteristics can include being eco-friendly, sustainably sourced, cruelty-free, plant-derived or vegan. Products with fewer ingredients can oftentimes be considered clean as well. Since clean beauty is not regulated, it is important to take time to research the ingredients in your current beauty and personal care products to see if you may need to switch to products with safer ingredients.

Sustainable packaging in the beauty industry

When discussing clean beauty, you can’t forget the importance of sustainable packaging. Having beauty and personal care products that are truly sustainably packaged means that the ingredients inside the packaging should be ethically sourced, and the actual packaging should not be harmful to the environment. Companies have started to transition to more minimal and eco-friendly packaging with materials that can be recycled. This can include packaging like glass, bamboo, and biodegradable cardboard or paper products. Many companies are also trying to eliminate unnecessary components, such as boxes for outer packaging or bubble wrap for orders being shipped.

The beauty industry is evolving significantly when it comes to meeting the demands of consumers that are holding brands accountable for their environmental impact. Sustainability is an investment that won’t just happen overnight, but it is something that more brands are striving towards with the rise of clean beauty.

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