Odds are you’ve been trying to keep up with the latest hair trends, and it may have resulted in dry, dull hair that is more damaged than you’d like to admit. This could be from years of color-treating hair or perhaps from using heat-styling tools to recreate hairstyles you saw on TikTok. Maintaining healthy hair is at the top of our priority list in 2023, and you’re only a few scrolls away from the hair care trends that are taking over.

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Prioritizing Scalp Care

Expect there to be advances in the “skinification” of hair. In other words, more people will be placing the same amount of importance as they do on their skincare ritual to their hair care. In order to achieve healthier locks, you need to prioritize your scalp first. However, not every scalp is alike. To see results, you must get to the root of the issue so you can search for products best suited to address your needs. Common scalp problems faced include:

  • Itchiness
  • Build up
  • Dryness
  • Flaking
  • Oiliness

These problems are often overlooked, but addressing them is key to strong, healthy hair growth. This might involve seeking out hair treatments to hydrate your scalp, switching out your shampoo, or using an exfoliator, for example. One standout ingredient that has been trending recently is rosemary oil, which could be just the fix for any scalp issues.

Embracing your natural hair

Consumers are beginning to appreciate their natural hair more than ever! Many are realizing how damaging frequent salon visits can be if they involve dying hair to shades that are difficult to maintain. This has resulted in people opting for less touch-ups and highlights and growing out their virgin hair. To help with this transition or to still give hair an elevated look, going for a glaze or gloss can enhance natural color, shine, and dimension.

Accepting your natural hair can also mean using less heat tools. It’s no secret how damaging styling tools can be, so limiting how often they are used can make all the difference in the overall health of your strands.  

Strengthening and repairing hair

Taking the time to care for your hair and finding a routine that works for you is an important step in repairing damaged tresses. It isn’t enough to eliminate quick fixes like dry shampoo. For strong, shiny hair, you have to give it that bit of extra care.

A step in the right direction is incorporating a hair mask with nourishing ingredients in your routine for added hydration. Keeping hair moisturized prevents breakage and those split ends you can’t stand. Damaged hair might also be a result of common hair-washing mistakes – be sure to shampoo correctly to see the state of your hair improve!

Healthy hair will always be in, so let’s all stay on top on our hair care game!

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