Brands are diving headfirst into the tech sphere by weaving in virtual experiences for consumers, even in the beauty realm. There are ample opportunities in the beauty tech space for big and small players alike, so let’s explore how technology’s role is evolving in the cosmetics industry.

Rise in consumer interest
Consumers are generally interested in new technology and play a pivotal role in being the first to share their user experience. Kickstarted by the rise of smart devices, consumers aren’t shy in trying developments like the metaverse and virtual reality. By introducing new tech, beauty brands with loyal customer bases can tap into another way of developing a personal connection with individuals.

Incorporating products in virtual experiences
Ever since COVID, lots of consumers have been relying on online shopping to purchase their beauty essentials. Consequently, it’s become imperative that brands offer an elevated online shopping experience, which has been achieved through various techniques. These include utilizing augmented-reality technology for makeup shopping, with one benefit being that it mimics the in-store experience and allows for consumers to find the perfect shade of a product they’re interested in. Social media is an area of opportunity as well, where brands have a platform to conduct livestreams showcasing products and answering questions in real-time to keep consumers engaged.

The ways in which beauty tech can be integrated into the industry are far too many to count, but some future trends to potentially look out for include:

  • Augmented reality beauty apps to try on and test products.
  • Interactive experience stores featuring digital touchpoints.
  • Allowing consumers to create custom products through 3D printing.
  • Utilizing AI to provide custom recommendations for products and beauty treatments.
  • Innovation is constantly shaping the future of the beauty industry, and technology is no different. Transforming the consumer experience and building a community around these new innovations is key in the beauty industry.

For beauty brands still on the fence about advancing in beauty tech, consider observing its impact on larger companies first before deciding the right time to develop your own approach to beauty tech strategies.

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