While attractive branding and marketing can easily lure in customers through flashy campaigns and pretty packaging, relying on this tactic beyond the first sale is not enough in the beauty industry. To truly earn consumer trust, products have to deliver results. By putting product efficacy first, a brand can retain customers and cultivate a loyal community that helps generate excitement in the market.

Importance of data in product marketing

Today’s consumers are more informed than ever, with Gen-Z shopping behavior heavily relying on online reviews and social media/influencers to steer them towards products that are actually worth purchasing. A brand making claims about a product’s performance won’t seal the deal without the data to back it up. That’s where aspects like scientific innovation, claims substantiation and ingredient transparency come into play as brands compete for credibility. If a product doesn’t perform, there will be no clinical or panel testing to support it.

That isn’t to say that products must deliver immediate results. In fact, it’s important that brands disclose a product’s efficacy will vary from person to person and that it may take time to see results. Continuing to educate consumers about consistency and being transparent around formulas is crucial in helping to manage their expectations.

Leveraging new technology

Developing high-performance formulas so as to ensure product efficacy can be challenging for emerging indie brands due to limited access to resources. However, Atelier by Voyant Beauty has created a solution to this problem. By partnering with the most innovative raw material suppliers, we help brands access the latest high-performance technology for their formulation. This could include exclusive technology not yet launched, allowing brands to become pioneers in their field. Other approaches involve enabling brands to collaborate with raw material suppliers and develop custom, patented technology that sets them apart from competitors. 

By utilizing data to their advantage and leveraging the latest technologies, brands can not only satisfy customers but also establish credibility in the market. Ultimately, putting product efficacy first is key to building a successful and sustainable beauty brand.

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