Say farewell to complicated skincare routines! Consumers are trying to save (both time and costs), meaning they’ll be abandoning their old multi-step routines and opting for a simpler approach. Cue skin minimalism, AKA skinimalism! The skinimalism trend has been growing throughout 2022, and it will only become more popular as we step into 2023.

The rise of skinimalism

The concept is to do more with less. Savvy consumers are realizing they can achieve skincare goals with less products, so they’re going back to the basics. The key to unlocking healthy skin isn’t overloading on products, but rather staying consistent with the products you do choose. Enter your era of simplicity and make the switch to effective products that are right for your skin. Not only will you thank yourself for cutting down time spent on your daily routine tasks – your skin will thank you too by reaping the benefits.

Shift to multi-purpose products

Consumers becoming intentional about which skincare products to use has led beauty and cosmetics brands to shift towards creating more multi-use products. This involves incorporating quality ingredients formulated to offer multiple benefits. A simplified routine allows individuals to better understand which products are effective for their unique needs and which are unnecessary. This, in turn, makes it easier to swap for other products to address issues as they arise. We’re not saying you shouldn’t try out new trendy products, but before you buy into the hype, check out the ingredients and see whether they’ll help in attaining your skincare goals.

Scale down your skincare collection and keep your skin happy with less by embracing skinimalism!

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