The beauty industry is constantly cycling through the latest trends, whether it be skincare tips found from trending sounds on social media or a celebrity’s new makeup line you saw in the aisles while shopping. There’s no doubt that a beauty trend you came across last month could be long forgotten when the next craze comes along. Beauty brands find themselves always trying to adapt and draw in more consumers, with efforts ranging from new product formulations to redesigning packaging. In an industry known to experience frequent changes, it’s no surprise that it is beginning to welcome more indie beauty brands into the mix.


Social media exposure

Forming a community based on genuine connection places indie brands at an advantage over legacy brands in that sense, as they can showcase what makes them unique while also building a brand through original content and direct feedback. This opportunity to highlight authenticity is often what ends up turning heads to draw individuals in.

Customization and addressing unmet needs

It’s not uncommon for indie beauty brands to be founded on the basis of creating a more inclusive environment. Introducing products to individuals who were struggling to have their needs met by larger, well-known beauty brands allows indie brands to stand out by adding the aspect of customization. This can include offering a larger shade-range for makeup products, featuring underrepresented groups in advertising campaigns, or creating a product formulation that is friendly to all skin types. Regardless, personalization is a powerful way to capture attention and ensure all needs are being met through the products offered.

The popularity of social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram among Gen-Z and millennials has paved the way for indie beauty brands to break into the market. Social media has become an invaluable tool that allows newcomers to foster a connection with their target audience and develop a loyal customer base.

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